Some Reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza but the best thing for us was the playfulness and the glorious singing voice of the Italian Chef, I'd visit again just to listen to him sing. Bernice D Brisbane

The larger than life chef is very tuneful and will break into song at the drop of a tomato, in the right key. He gets it just right, a taster of songs the majority of people recognize and just a few bars, not on and on as people come for the food. Donald R Waynesboro, Virginia

You may have the pleasure of hearing one of the chefs sing beautifully in Italian; this effectively makes a guest feel like he/she is in Italy, and is a lovely experience should one have the opportunity. Acek New York City, New York

While waiting listen to the fantastic operatic singing chef whilst spinning his pizza dough. Never tire listening to his arias. Burgpa

What an experience. The singing chef Andy is outstanding. He sings while preparing your pizza. George Naderel  Beblawy,Cairo, Egypt

the italian chef would sing some opera song while you are enjoying your food, this has give the great food a wonderful atmosphere and has taken us to another destination. Fatima Manama, Bahrain

You will enjoy the chef were he sings while you get your signature dishes served. Enjoy the Treat G.Faray

The singing Italian chef ensures you eat with a smile. Kjvongorz London, United Kingdom

The absolute best part of the visit is the singing chef - fantastic! Rosiej Gillingham, United Kingdom